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For otakus who love Vocaloid and Minecraft


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    Minepoints : 119209
    Favorite Vocaloids :
    • Hatsune Miku
    • Sakine Meiko
    • Megurine Luka
    • Kagamine Len
    • Kagamine Rin
    • Kasane Teto
    • Other vocaloid
    • Other utau

    Favorite Minecraft Thing :
    • The blocks
    • The nature
    • Exploring
    • Building
    • Parkour
    • Playing with friends
    • Bragging about your creations

    Posts : 64
    Join date : 2012-12-22
    Age : 17
    Location : Playing MC Capture The Flag...

    Forum Rules! Empty Forum Rules!

    Post by Madoka on December 22nd 2012, 12:23 pm

    Welcome to Mineloid! Here are the forum Rules:
    1. No SPAM. Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
    2. No bullying. It is so mean!
    3. No random topics.
    4. Be happy!
    5. Be nice to all users.
    6. No hacking discussion, except on Jophy's topic.
    7. You have to pay minepoints to get certain things.
    8. Can everyone not do this: cfhniafkryidawhmipiemd, because some people can live without it.
    10. You can only bump club topics, shops, and posting games.
    11. I'm really serious about this. Mods, Don't do anything bad. I'm begging you.
    12. Don't bug me about wanting to be on Staff, because I'm not dealing with it. When a mod gets promoted or wants to retire, then you can go ahead and ask me.
    13. You can curse to a certain extent. No sexual cursing.
    14. I am banning everyone with inappropriate usernames and anyone who has spammed.
    15. Have lots of fun!

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